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GE DS200TCEAG1B DS200TCEAG1BSF Emergency Over Speed Board


Manufacture GE
Model DS200TCEAG1B
Ordering information DS200TCEAG1BSF
Catalog Speedtronic Mark V
Description GE DS200TCEAG1B DS200TCEAG1BSF Emergency Over Speed Board
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The General Electric Emergency Overspeed Board model DS200TCEAG1B features one microprocessor and multiple programmable read only memory (PROM) modules. It also contains 3 fuses, 30 jumpers, and a pair of bayonet connectors.

The board monitors the drive for over speed and flame detection trip conditions and shuts down the drive as appropriate. The bayonet connectors are used to connect the board to other devices and boards in the drive. The male bayonet connectors on the end of the cables require some consideration before you connect them to the female connectors on the board. To remove a bayonet connector, hold the connector with one hand and with the other hand secure the board to keep it from bending or moving. Pull the bayonet connector out of the female connector on the board and put the cable aside until you are ready to connect it to the replacement board.

One warning is that you must not disconnect the bayonet connector by pulling on the cable and not the connector. This might damage the cable by pulling the signal wires out of the bayonet connector. Also, refrain from accidentally touching the other components on the board with the bayonet connector. You might bend or scratch the components or the surface of the board.

To connect a bayonet connector, align the connector and press it into the connector on the board. When it is fully installed, it clicks into place. As a means of testing the connection, you can gently tug on the cable.

The DS200TCEAG1B GE Emergency Overspeed Board features one microprocessor and multiple programmable read only memory (PROM) modules and is located in the P core of the MKV panel. Its main purpose is to process the overspeed and flame detection trip signals from the turbine. If the circuit board is removed the berg jumpers must be reset. The board is designed with 3 fuses, 30 jumpers and 2 bayonet connectors.

The PROM modules store the firmware and operating instructions used by the microprocessor. When replacing this board you will notice that there are no PROM modules on the replacement board. Since the PROM modules are easily removed and installed, you will find it is a simple task to move the modules from the defective board to the replacement. In addition, a benefit of using the same modules mean the user can expect the same functionality.

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